People suffering from hysteria might possibly be put out on the nervousness you to definitely characterizes this problem by participating in brand new Maenad experience

People suffering from hysteria might possibly be put out on the nervousness you to definitely characterizes this problem by participating in brand new Maenad experience

The brand new Euripidy’s myth says you to a collaborative technique for healing (otherwise, when we like, preventing) melancholy of one’s uterus is portrayed because of the Dionysian experience of the Maenads, just who attained catharsis compliment of wine and you will orgies . Trance position directed and cured of the Satyr, the priest away from Dionysus, lead to solving the conflict pertaining to sex, typical away from hysteria state .

Therefore, new uterus try prone to become ill, particularly when it is deprived of masters due to intercourse and you will procreation, and that, expanding a good female’s rivers, promote the latest washing of your own human anatomy

Hippocrates (fifth century BC) is the first to use the expression hysteria. Actually the guy and additionally thinks that the cause for this disease lays about movement of one’s womb (“hysteron”) [2-4].

The Greek physician provides a beneficial dysfunction away from hysteria, that’s obviously celebrated out-of epilepsy. The guy stresses the essential difference between the compulsive actions from epilepsy, due to an ailment of your own brain, and those of hysteria because of the irregular movements of one’s uterus in the human body. Following, the guy resumes the thought of a disturbed and migratory womb and you can refers to the cause of this new indisposition due to the fact toxic stagnant humors and therefore, due to an inadequate sexual life, have never already been expelled. He asserts one to an effective woman’s person is physiologically cold and moist thus expected to putrefaction of one’s humors (instead of the inactive and you may enjoying men human body). And he goes next; especially in virgins, widows, solitary, or sterile lady, which “bad” womb – because it’s unsatisfied – just produces toxic fumes in addition to takes to help you wandering as much as the human body, leading to distinct conditions for example anxiety, sense of suffocation, palpitations, perhaps even convulsions and you may paralysis. Thus, the guy signifies that also widows and you may unmarried ladies need to have hitched and you will live a satisfactory sexual life inside bounds away from marriage [2-4].

However, if situation is actually accepted, influenced women are advised not just to partake in sexual intercourse, but also to treat by themselves that have acrid or fragrant fumigation out of your face and you will genitals, to drive the fresh new uterus returning to their pure put within the body [2-4].

step 3. Rome

Aulus Cornelius Celsus (step one st millennium BC) gives an effective and you may right scientific malfunction of hysterical periods. From inside the De- re medica Celsus, he typed “In females, a criminal state and additionally pops up throughout the uterus; and you can, next to the tummy, that it part are really sympathetically impacted otherwise extremely sympathetically has an effect on new remainder of the program . Often plus, it therefore entirely destroys new sensory faculties one to on hours the in-patient falls, because if within the epilepsy. This example, although not, changes because the newest attention aren’t became, nor really does froth question ahead, neither are there any convulsions: there is certainly simply a-deep bed”.

Claudius Galen’s theories into hysteria (dos nd 100 years Post) is much like the ones from Hippocrates. Additionally Galen states off hysteria “Passio hysterica unum nomen est, varia tamen et innumera accidentia sandwich se comprehendit” (hysterical appeal ‘s the identity, but various and some is actually their attacks), highlighting the different hysterical incidents . Inside the operate in Hippocratis librum de humoribus, Galen criticizes Hippocrates: “Ancient doctors and you can philosophers provides titled this ailment hysteria regarding term of your own uterus, that body organ provided by characteristics so you can women so that they you’ll conceive . We have tested of a lot hysterical ladies, certain stuporous, anybody else which have panic and anxiety attack [. ]: the illness manifests in itself with different symptoms, but usually refers to the womb”. Galen’s treatment of hysteria consisted inside the purges, administrations regarding hellebore, mint, laudanum, belladonna pull, valerian or other flowers, and get marriage or repressing stimulus that will please a beneficial young woman [2, step 3, 7].

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