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The CE program allows you to extend your certification in three-year intervals through activities and training that relate to the content of your certification. Like Network+ itself, CompTIA Network+ ce also carries globally-recognized ISO/ANSI accreditation status. Information technology is an incredibly dynamic field, creating new opportunities and challenges CompTIA Net+ Cert 007 Update Lessons every day. Participating in our Continuing Education program will enable you to stay current with new and evolving technologies and remain a sought-after IT and security expert. Keep your certification up to date with CompTIA’s Continuing Education program. It’s designed to be a continued validation of your expertise and a tool to expand your skillset.

Is CompTIA Network+ N10-007 still valid?

In September 2021, CompTIA introduced an updated version of the Network+ exam, the N10-008. This new version will fully replace the Network+ N10-007 in June of 2022, at which point the N10-007 exam will be retired.

That’s all about the best online courses for CompTIA Network+ certification. You can join these courses to better prepare for this in-demand certification. I have also included practice tests to improve your speed and accuracy required to pass this exam.

CompTIA Network+ (N10- Cert Prep: 3 The World of TCP/IP

Hybrid cloud networks are a combination of cloud-based and on premises networks. Students will learn how to incorporate cloud systems into existing networks and the special security steps involved in a hybrid network. Domain 3, Network Operations, concentrates on network hardening, security plans, procedures, and practices, and disaster recovery concepts.

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  • Understand the use of basic access control measures, such as authentication, security policy, encryption, and firewalls.
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  • It is also intended to be opted for by those who wish to take the CompTIA® Network+® (Exam N10-005).

The updated version, N10-008, teaches how to implement enterprise-level wired and wireless networking solutions, identify and troubleshoot network security issues, and protect the network against internal and external threats. Are you still not sure how to begin your CompTIA Network+ n training? Configure and support PC, laptop, mobile (smartphone / tablet), and print devices. Know basic network terminology and functions (such as Ethernet, TCP/IP, switches, routers). Configure and manage users, groups, and shared resources in a simple SOHO network. Understand the use of basic access control measures, such as authentication, security policy, encryption, and firewalls.

Assumed Knowledge

Like virtualization however, it was covered very broadly and briefly. For example, in section 2.1, items such as refrigerators, speakers, thermostats, and doorbells are referenced. When taking the new exam, make sure you know how to remotely access IoT devices on your network. The most notable changes between the exams are found in the first three domains.

CompTIA Net+ Cert 007 Update Lessons

SD-WAN’s/5G combination will be a game changer in regard to network connectivity. For the new Network+ exam, make sure to understand the relationship between the two. Once again, this has everything to do with the new work from home life.

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